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Kundalini Yoga encompasses several techniques: mainly use postures, breathing exercises, repeating mantras and meditation to awaken the human being to a state of wholeness.
Kundalini Yoga prepares for action, life skills while providing tools for relaxation, calmness, emotional balance allowing the experience to direct our energies toward our goals in life and cultivate your spirituality.

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Tantra Yoga Kundalini Sexual Control Trika: Tantric Initiation. Ritual practice. At Shri Kali Ashram one learns the whole science of Tantra, both the...
Includes: to understand tantra, start with kundalini, five tantric yoga positions, other resources for learning tantric poses, and expand your horizo...
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Amrit Singh is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and teacher trainer, living and working in .... different ashrams (Swami Chinmayanada in Bombay<...
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Kundalini yoga is a form of physical and meditative yoga that comprises of various techniques using ... Are Mumbai s health-conscio...
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Im a British girl living in Bombay..Ive been practising hatha yoga for about 5 years now and currently parctice every day by myself...Im now...
May 17, 2012 ... Ramesh Chandra Shukla is a certified Reiki Grand Master & Spiritual Healer. He has several years experience teaching Reiki cours...
kundalini yoga in India: ashrams, schools, retreats, courses, teacher training, etc. Find a place to learn yoga in India. ...
Apr 27, 2009 ... Kundalini Rising By C Krishnaswamy - Performance in Mumbai April 2009. ashvitafilms·5 ... Kundalini Yoga<...
Even a Vedanti (a student of Jnana Yoga) can get Jnana Nishtha only .... You will find the same in Calcutta, Delhi, Bombay, Madras ...

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Byculla Bombay Byculla Tardeo Bombay Mazagaon Parel Bombay Girgaon Mahalakshmi Mahalaxmi Sewri Ballard Estate

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Users comments about Kundalini Yoga in MUMBAI

ModernAge Tantra-Meditation Class !
Mumbai, INDIA ( - 2017-11-01 18:33:19)
Basics of spiritualism Thro' Tantra science will be starting soon....Chakras,Kundilini...OM ! Lucky ones get ready. 
Connect to the Divine Energy for Blissful journey !  Reply
Re: tantric courses
Mumbai, INDIA ( - 2017-11-01 18:15:20)
Got to see your msg late....! Tantra is ocean..takes time to understand, 6-weeks too less,
Next time you are in Mumbai , call me:  +918767528305
-Nath Reply
Re: SriVidya Tantra Yoga Class
MUMBAI, INDIA ( - 2017-11-01 17:15:26)
08767528305, contact to know more..... Reply
Re: SriVidya Tantra Yoga Class
MUMBAI, INDIA ( - 2017-11-01 17:11:48)
Visit Mumbai to learn. Reply
Re: SriVidya Tantra Yoga Class
MUMBAI, INDIA ( - 2017-10-06 09:05:40)
I wish to learn from basics. Please advise course details Reply
tantric courses
Mumbai, India ( - 2017-04-26 01:09:32)
Hello, I’m a single very healthy male who loves my yoga, although I should do it more than once a week as I’m doing now.
Reason for this email is that I want to study Tantric/Tantra and meditation and was wondering if you are holding any courses when I’m in Mumbai.
I arrive in Mumbai from Australia on 12th July for 6 weeks.
If not would you be so kind as to recommend someone that can teach me Tantric.
Thankyou for reading this email.
Kind regards.
Ron Darlington.
Australia Reply
Re: for opening kundalini
MUMBAI, INDIA ( - 2016-05-12 14:55:38)
Kundalini Awakening workshop.Date.May 21.(2016)
9833668694 India Mumbai. Reply
for opening kundalini
MUMBAI, INDIA ( - 2016-03-01 12:04:55)
I want to open my chakras and kubdalini my age is 18 and I m intrested in meditation because my hobby is spirituality so I like to do this   Reply
Re: SriVidya Tantra Yoga Class
MUMBAI, INDIA ( - 2016-02-29 13:33:41)
Hi, I want to understand about Tantra yoga? I need to improve my sexual drives, is Tantra the rite method, kindly guide. Reply
Re: SriVidya Tantra Yoga Class
MUMBAI, INDIA ( - 2015-06-11 18:29:32)
It is pvt. Only initiated disciples know the details. Don't waste time Reply